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What is Easy2Care?

The Easy2Care technology is a new disinfecting Far UV-C light system that inactivates bacteria and viruses with harmfulness to either humans or animals.

Why Easy2Care?

Other available disinfection methods like chemical disinfectants or conventional UV disinfection are only used intermittently, and usually when people are not around. The Easy2Care technology is working all the time, including when people are present, allowing continual disinfection of the air and environmental surfaces.

Can Easy2Care be used around people?

Yes. Easy2Care use Care222® modules with an excimer lamp in combination with a special optical band pass filter that blocks the ultraviolet wavelengths that could have a harmful effect on people, which is the only Far UV-C product in the world with this key technology.

How has the technology been tested?

Various researchers have performed a number of studies to test the effectiveness of the filtered Far UV-C Technology. Tests have shown the effectiveness on surfaces and airborne pathogens and found that after treatment, bacteria growth was noticeably lower than in untreated areas.

How can we notice Easy2Care is protecting us?

Easy2Care protects people in an invisible light, we may use dot222 indicator or Far UVC dosimeter card to alert public that they can feel comfortable and safe

Why is the Easy2Care important in destroying virus and bacteria

Scientific evidence was growing that the virus could stay a loft for hours in tiny droplets in stagnant air, infecting people as they inhaled — particularly in crowded indoor spaces with poor ventilation.

Why is Easy2Care a better solution than chemical ?

Some chemicals are harmful and with choking smell. It could be poisonous if they are unproperly mixed and Easy2Care is a high-level disinfection tools which can kill bacteria spores as well.

Why would Easy2Care that premium?

Easy2Care is a new technology with dynamic infection control system, it is used in small, shared spaces with high occupancy turnover.

Where and how can we buy Easy2Care?

You can direct contact our sales team with for the service and sales support.

Has Easy2Care been approved by any international standard?

The results and tests have been published in journals such as Columbia University, US. All of these publication can compliance with ACGIH(美國工業衛生師協會) which is a professional association of industrial hygienists and practitioners of related profession. And there are increasingly successful use cases in public around the world.

Is Far UVC technology effective in destroying variant of SARS-CoV-2 , that causes Covid-19?

Each SARS-CoV-2 strain was irradiated with 222 nm UV-C at 2, 4, and 6 mJ/cm2 in a dry environment on plastic five times, and the inactivation effect was evaluated through comparison with control samples that were not irradiated with 222 nm UV-C. The results showed that the inactivation effect of 222 nm UV-C on the N501Y variant and the original strain was the same (no significant difference), as expected (Figure, Table).

Is Easy2Care developed to help eliminate COVID-19?

The Care222 technology has been developed to inactivate various pathogens, but we are proud to be able to help eliminate the virus that causes COVID-19 and to join in the effort that will allow us all to return to many of our normal activities.

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